Searching for Sanity

Searching for Sanity by Lindsey BellEver feel overwhelmed by the chaos of motherhood? So do most moms. In Searching for Sanity, author Lindsey Bell shares priceless insights from the parents of the Bible. Some of the parents within the pages of God’s Word set great examples for us to follow; others made huge mistakes. In Searching for Sanity, you’ll learn from both.

The wisdom of God’s Word, paired with the experiences of another mother-in-training, will help moms find sanity in the midst of chaos.

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What Others are Saying about Searching for Sanity:

Lindsey has an amazing gift of pulling nuggets of parenting wisdom out of Bible stories we often glance over–or assume we know far too well. Whether the story holds a warning or offers a habit we need to develop, she helps moms who are desperate, tired, and doubting themselves to know that you don’t have to be perfect; you just have to lean on God! –Sheila Wray Gregoire, Blogger at To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Thousands of moms with young children often voice their concern through our online community that they struggle to find time with God. Searching for Sanity is perfect for the mother who has limited time but longs to spend time in the Word. With reflection questions, prayers, and activities to do throughout the week, it’s a fantastic resource and just what these weary mamas need!Ruth Schwenk, Speaker, Writer, and Creator of

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