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Lindsey Bell, author and speakerLindsey Bell’s passion is to inspire women through honest dialogue about faith, family, and the ups and downs of life.

She speaks regularly for mom’s groups, women’s events, and writer’s workshops.

She is currently scheduling speaking engagements for the coming year and would love to talk with you about your next event.

Click here to download Lindsey’s speaker packet with more information.

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“Lindsey Bell has an amazing heart and passion to share God’s Truth through His Word.  Lindsey worked with me personally to make the topic relevant for our Women’s event…” -Daralice Allison, Women’s Event Coordinator

What to Expect From Lindsey:

  1. Prompt replies to your emails and phone calls.
  2. A well-prepared presentation (with handouts, if applicable) designed for your group’s unique needs.
  3. A follow-up email or phone call to make sure her presentation met your expectations.

“Lindsey’s message was what our ladies needed and wanted to hear.”

Looking for a speaker for your next women's event. Book Lindsey Bell.

Potential Topics

Fill My Cup

Many of us spend a lot of time and energy searching for something or someone to complete us, but we don’t always look to the correct thing. In this message, Lindsey challenges listeners to stop trying to fill their own “cups” and start letting God fill their cups instead.


In an effort to appear like we have it all together, many of us wear masks. Learn the four primary reasons Christian women wear masks, as well as the one HUGE reason to lay the mask down and start being authentic.

Fighting Mommy Guilt

All of us moms have been there at some point or another: knee deep in mommy guilt. This message will address the two types of mommy guilt and will answer the question, “Why do we have mommy guilt, and what can we do about it?”

You Know God Has Your Money When…

As a single-income family of four living on a minister’s salary, Lindsey knows how it feels when the money runs out before the month ends. She also knows how to make a little money go a long way. In this message, Lindsey shares what it means to trust God with your finances, as well as provides LOTS of tips to help you manage your money well so you have more with which to work.

“Hearing Lindsey Bell speak tonight blessed me in so many ways.”

Fighting for Your Marriage

Let’s be honest. Marriage is hard, and there are probably times it’s much easier to fight with your spouse than for your marriage. In this message, Lindsey shares three choices both men and women can make to fight for their marriage.

When God Feels Distant

Lindsey Bell, author and speakerAfter four miscarriages in two years, Lindsey struggled to find God in the midst of her pain. What she finally learned is that God is often most present when he feels most absent. In this message, you’ll learn why God sometimes feels distant. You’ll also walk away with practical things you can do during these difficult times.

Various Workshops for Authors: 


Are you ready to share your book with the world but unsure how to do it? This workshop will provide 13 tips to help you launch your book into the world.


If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog but didn’t know how, this is the workshop for you. Lindsey helps you get started, as well as provides tips to make your blog more effective.


Social media has now become an important part of an author’s life. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming too. In this workshop, Lindsey will take the stress out of social media and help you learn how to make it work for you as an author.


Writers can’t just write great books. They also need to show editors and agents they have a platform that will help make these books sell. In this workshop, Lindsey shares 2 key aspects of building a platform, as well as practical tips and take-aways authors can put into practice immediately.

Lindsey would be happy to talk with you about other potential topics that would fit your group’s needs. Please email her, and she would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Click here to download Lindsey’s speaker packet with more information.

“Lindsey Bell was a great speaker and was very polished and easy to listen to.”

*If you would like more information about where Lindsey has spoken in the past or  if you would like to hear reviews of those in attendance at past events, she would be happy to supply that information. Send her an email

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